The How To's of Prayer Ministry


I live in an eighty year old Victorian style home. Through the years some of the walls have cracked and the wood floors show wear, but the studs in the walls have aged and hardened. Driving a screw into a stud with a hand tool damages both the screw and the screwdriver and never gets the job done.

Prayer is the difference between one driving the screw by hand or using a power tool. If you're going to have a God vision you must drive it with a God machine. Prayer is God's machine to achieve God results. It calls on God's ability rather than one's inability.
by David Andrade

1.> Beginning an On Campus Prayer Room
2.> Components of A Successful Prayer Ministry Strategy
3.> Description of the Key Leaders of a Prayer Ministry / The Prayer Minister or Pastor
3.1 Possible Job Description of the Prayer Minister or Pastor Might Include: / Getting Started
3.2 Prayer Coordinator or Prayer Outreach Coordinator / The Prayer Communications Coordinator / Components of a Prayer Letter
3.3 The Prayer Outreach Coordinator Or Strategic Prayer Coordinator / The Responsibilities of the Strategic
4.> Practical Policies and Code of Conduct for all Prayer Room Ministry/ Prayer Room Checklist
4.1 Practical Policies During The Worship Service
4.2 Policies Prior to Coming on Shift
4.3 When on Shift, Use Wise Discernment
4.4 Unexpected Emergencies
4.5 At the Close of Ministry
5.> Personal Profile for the Ministry Prayer Team / Voluntary Release, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement
6.> Altar Team Ministry
6.1 Some suggestions for Altar Ministry
6.2 The Best Method for Success
6.3 Where Do I Begin?
6.4 When Ministering
6.5 Be Atentive to Conditions around you
6.6 Blockades to Answered Prayer
6.7 Problems of Inconvenience
6.8 Proper Mentoring in the Gifts of the Spirit
6.9 The Character of Mature Discerment
7.> Integrity In Intercessory Ministry
7.1 Identifying Key Prayer Ministry Leadership / Points of Primary Concern when Choosing Intercessory Prayer Leadership
7.2 Good Communication Among Yourself and Key Prayer Leadership
7.3 The Prayer Leaders Responsibility to You
7.3.1 Others who Desire to Pray or Give Counsel
7.4 Your Responsibility to Prayer Leaders and Intercessors
7.5 A Signed Mutual Agreement
7.6 Legitimate Ministry Issues for Mediation
7.7 The Ministry Responsibility to all Parties Concerned
7.8 Understanding Ministry Policy
7.9 Setting Boundaries for a Safe Environment / Keep the following in mind
7.10 Growth and the Need for Ministry Professionalism
7.10.1 Practical Policies of Professionalism
7.10.2 Ministry Professionalism
7.10.3 Individual Professionalism
7.10.4 Resolving Conflict
7.10.5 Intercessor to Pastor Protocol
7.10.6 Intercession that Stirs the Heart Of God
8.> Intercessor's Code of Conduct
8.1 The Conduct of the Intercessor
8.2 The Conduct of Our Mouth
8.3 The Intercessors' Check List
8.4 The Heart of an Intercessor