The How To's of Prayer Ministry

4.> Practical Policies and Code of Conduct for all Prayer Room Ministry / Prayer Room Checklist

As you read through the policy list, please mark a check in each box before moving to the next item. When you have completed the list, make a duplicate copy for yourself, sign, date, and return the original signed document to the church or prayer ministry office.

Prayer Room Checklist

1. A Team leader will be assigned to be in authority at all times. All final decisions are at the discretion of this person. Those assigned to this position must not leave the prayer room during their shift, but be accessible at all times. When a problem arises this person is to negotiate or communicate the needed solutions. Their decision is final.

2. When applicable, individuals of a prayer team will be given personal assignments. These assignments are accountable to the team leader during the duration of the prayer room shift.

3. The Prayer Task Force is responsible for the majority of oversight of prayer room activities, candidates and schedules. Prayer team assignments are given with consideration of openings, prayer gifting, motivations and experience. This is to better target the needs of those we are praying for. Please do not take it personally when you are excluded from some prayer room activities as some prayer duties are solely at the discretion of the pastoral staff, not the prayer task force. This is to protect you and the liability of the church. Please heed all procedures carefully. Pay special attention to those issues, which pertain to counselling, gender issues and deliverance prayer.

4. Situations will arise that the prayer room will be closed except to specific authorized prayer ministry staff. This is to protect the confidentiality of those who have requested special scheduled prayer.

5. New prayer ministry applicants will be allowed to observe general prayer room activities. These are those who have completely filled out the protocol check list to the satisfaction of the prayer ministry office.

6. Any one can use the prayer room during off scheduled hours from e.g. 12 noon through 4:30 PM daily to seek the Father. Available times are posted outside the prayer room door.

7. All those using the prayer room for the first time are required to read and sign the checklist of general prayer room protocols. The prayer room must continue to be a safe environment for all that use it. For this reason, when the prayer room is unattended it will remain locked. This is to protect you and the church. The key to the prayer room can be obtained from the prayer ministry office or church secretary. You will be required to leave your driver's license at the office, which will be returned to you when the key is returned.

8. Inappropriate gender mix will not be allowed together in the prayer room unless married to the individual. This pertains usually to one man and one woman alone together. Final decision will be made at the issuance of the key in consideration of age, number of individuals utilizing the prayer room and maturity of those in attendance.

9. This is our policy for hand contact while praying for any individual male or female. Hand contact may be to the hands or forehead only. Otherwise hands are to be kept at least 6'' from those requesting to receive prayer unless otherwise noted prior to prayer ministry by the pastoral staff.

10. Always allow the team leader to know where you are. Do not make people look for you.

11. Never presume anything that is not a specific policy. Ask questions.

12. Without exception, we will always reverence the NAME OF JESUS, HIS BLOOD AND THE WORD OF GOD.
Do not leave God's ministry to guess work; Plan to attend training meetings.