The How To's of Prayer Ministry

7.1 Identifying Key Prayer Ministry Leadership


A pastor searching for a qualified prayer leader may retain a list of job skill, yet lack insight to make a wise choice. The following essay will give some insight.

Special consideration when choosing a Intercessory Prayer Leader

1. Personally appoint those you intend to share personal needs. Never appoint those you do not know, or appoint them self’s. The Lord may burden some to pray for you. They are not necessarily the best candidates for intercessory leaders.

2. A leader must be one you trust, know their character and familiar with their personal, spiritual and family lives!

3. A leader must be one whom you feel safe!

4. A leader must be mature, stable, and have a track record of personal loyalty and faithfulness to you!

5. A leader must be trustworthy to keep confidence. When in doubt, do not use them!

6. A leader must be willing to submit to you when there is a difference of opinion. Should a conflict arise, a prayer leader must be willing to resolve their differences with you alone and retain unresolved comments among the church body or ministry community.

7. A prayer leader should posses a good understanding to the diversity of prayer ministry gifts, and how they work together in a corporate church or ministry setting.

8. An interim trial period of 90 days will reveal the performance and character of a perspective leader.