The How To's of Prayer Ministry

6.5 Be Atentive to Conditions around you

1. The altar team should be aware of the spiritual atmosphere surrounding the individual that you are praying for.. When one seems distracted Ask, ‘Is there anything that is going on that might hinder or distract you from focusing on the prayer time?’ If their need is neglected, the prayer time will be met with unneeded distraction. Issues of forgiveness should be the first order of any counsel. God’s forgiveness and then their forgiving others.

2. The altar prayer team leader should be attentive to the physical atmosphere of those they are praying for. Does the individuals show signs of pain or discomfort? They may be unable to stand for long periods of time, become distracted by those waiting on them. May have children who are unattended, may feel uneasy because of a need for privacy or have a need to visit the restroom.