The How To's of Prayer Ministry

6.4 When Ministering

1. Ask questions that will make your prayer time affective, Target your prayers. Don’t start quessing, make assumptions or presumptions, Once they have told you what their asking prayer for, probe further for details surrounding their condition.
Draw a logical pattern for how to pray. Where are you going in prayer? You might ask, “what is going on in your life”?
Practice not becoming mechanical in your approach. Show genuine concern.

2. Put those whom you are praying for at ease. This is their time to receive ministry. If you absolutely feel that the Holy Spirit has something to speak to an individual, work it in your prayer on their behalf at the appropriate time. Use a little wise discernment. Don’t allow yourself to be the reason why others cannot receive from the Father. Keep balance to insure there trust and agreement. Asking the right question will help them brake through to the throne.

3. Ask the Holy Spirit to come with His presence. Let the recipient know that the Holy Spirits is about to come with His presence to confirm that their petition have been heard and He is working out these matters on their behalf. He will come and this will lift them into believing God for their answer.

4. If you have initially asked the right questions, You will then be able to move into a second period of prayer. When one openly expresses that they are powerless in an area of sin. Ask them how their relationship is with Jesus and the Father. Ask, ‘are you gathering in fellowship with other believers? Do you spend time reading the scriptures and in prayer?’ Pray with them and encourage them through the scriptures.

The scriptures give hope, comfort and the Father’s promise for His deliverance. see Romans 15:4 For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and of the scriptures might have hope. Use the scriptures to bring comfort in your prayer.