The How To's of Prayer Ministry

4.4 Unexpected Emergencies

1. When there is an emergency, let someone on the pastoral staff know immediately. The prayer room phone is for this purpose. We will always have a back-up plan for any possible emergency.

2. The prayer room phone is an emergency phone, not to be used for personal calls. Do not use the prayer room as a place to meet friends.

3. When there is demonic manifestation during the worship, we will take a non-aggressive approach, quietly praying over those in need of ministry, so as not to disallow the spirit of worship, yet allow the Holy Spirit to complete His work in them.

4. One will be assigned to direct ministry if this or other manifestations occur during prayer room or altar prayer ministry. Should this occur, certain individuals may be instructed that their shift is now ended. Please do not take offense. We ask that you keep the incident confidential as not to bring unneeded embarrassment to any individual. Continue to pray quietly in the service or outside as to allow the deliverance team to occupy the prayer room.