The How To's of Prayer Ministry

4.3 When on Shift, Use Wise Discernment

1. Use wise discernment in regard to unusual situations, which may arise. When two or three of the ministry team are not comfortable with a situation or matter, seek the counsel of the Team Leader. If you are doing something others are uncomfortable with, trust the Lord for His reasoning. And don't take it personally when it is disallowed.

2. Keep a strong breath freshener with you at all times. Don't allow one's breath to so distract as to create a situation that the Holy Spirit is unable to use you. Always use the freshener prior to altar ministry and before personal ministry. Do not chew gum.

3. When ministering to others be mindful of expressions that might be pointed or judgmental, do not use the word, "you", but " we" or " us". The word "you" may cause some to receive your words in a condemning manner. We or us takes the edge off and still allows the Holy Spirit to do His work through you.

4. Be careful with your actions and attitude. Don't let your ministry be drowned under the shock of your actions.

5. Avoid "extremes". Make an effort to ask what one wants prayer for. This allows both of you to be in unity and agreement for the need. Do not create a wall because of unfamiliarity. This is their time to receive ministry, not ours. If you absolutely feel that the Holy Spirit has something to speak to an individual, work it in as part of your prayer on their behalf. Don't allow yourself to be the reason why others cannot receive from the Father. Keep balance to insure order and unity.

6. When any member of the ministry or prayer team has a disagreement as to a matter, go to the team leader who will give appropriate counsel to the situation. Schedule a debriefing meeting after the shift to set a policy concerning any further similar happenstance. We must not become a reproach to Jesus, our Savior. We are His servants.