The How To's of Prayer Ministry

7.9 Setting Boundaries for a Safe Environment / Keep the following in mind.

Unexpected relationship issues often emerge 'for who knows what' leading to misunderstandings sapping the vision of God right out of you. Vulnerability (exposing ones shortcoming to open discretion) is a primary hazard when working among people in ministry. Those we lead and serve often expect much more than we are able to provide. For this reason the ministry work place should be a safe environment for all. All of us make mistakes. Unfortunately many demand unreasonable expectations far beyond the biblical standards of moral character.

Ignoring adverse temperament, will gather others to deal with you in an unfavorably.
Subordinates laboring with us in ministry are more sensitive to temperament and mood changes than we. Though admitting this is humbling, it is best to trust those around us to alert us when our actions have an adverse affect on others. The question should be addressed to you, ‘what are the conditions that are presently leading to adverse temperament?’ ‘What needs to change?’ Then support and respect your decision to remove the obstacles.

Keep the following in mind. / Wisdom.

1. Do not discuss personal moral weaknesses with those who are not willing to protect you.

2. Within the ministry of prayer, never address serious personal problems among those to whom you do not feel safe, trust or have a good standing relationship. Accountability is a must. All of us need wise godly counsel. a safe haven for inner healing. A covering of accountability is a legitimate biblical principle. Do not look for it among those who do not share a realistic understanding of the role of leadership or the responsibility it bears!

3. Do not place those in leadership who are always critical and never offer creative practical solutions.

4. Do not place individuals in leadership with deep emotional issues or swings.

5. Do not put those in authority who have a record of disloyalty to you or to your ministry.

6. Do not place individuals in authority who constantly place you in a defensive posture, feeling unsafe, display open contempt, no matter how wonderful their gift and abilities may be, do not use them.
As ministry advances into plateaus of growth, offenses arise because of ministry styles. Usually a ministry leader who has served as chief cook and bottle washer is forced into an unfamiliar need to diversify their responsibility to others. This is an unavoidable stress because it can be similar to giving away the baby that you have born and cared for through infant hood. It is wise to perfect procedural protocols as the ministry grows through roundtable open discussion. When those who labor with you in ministry understand that an honest attempt has been made to improve working ministry conditions, most are willing to work through the difficulties. I assure you, you will live through it.