The How To's of Prayer Ministry

4.2 Policies Prior to Coming on Shift

1. A Team leader should be in attendance 15 minutes prior to the beginning of their shift. All others should be on site 10 minutes before the shift begins.

2. Some host speakers will be accompanied by a ministry team. Protocols may differ at this time. It is the responsibility of the team leader to check with the senior pastor or senior staff member in attendance what the procedures will be prior to the beginning of service. The request will be posted on the daily change information board, Under the heading 'Attention Prayer Team Leader "Check List".

3. The prayer room team leader should be attentive to the spiritual atmosphere around them. When beginning your shift pray together. Ask, 'Is there anything that has occurred that might hinder or distract from focusing in on the prayer time?' Time should be allotted to bring everyone together into unity of purpose. When an individual is unable to focus, make sure they receive special prayer. If their need is neglected, the prayer time will be met with unneeded distraction.

4. The prayer room team leader should be attentive to the physical atmosphere around them. When prayer room supplies are low, fill out a request and leave it in the box in the front of the prayer ministry office.

5. Coming into the prayer room, please take a moment to read the daily change information board. Changes may occur without any prior notice.