The How To's of Prayer Ministry

6.8 Proper Mentoring in the Gifts of the Spirit

When is it proper to move in the spiritual gifts, especially a word of prophecy, word of knowledge or discerning of spirits?

1. The Holy Spirit mentors one through a process as we develop our gifts. Because we are prone to error it is important that we have responsible covering and mentoring through the process. While the Apostle Paul recognized the importance to exercise the gifts, to ensure order he recognized the biblical mandate that in the mouth of two or three mature witnesses let every word be established. Covering needs to fall under mature discerning ministry as we will discuss in the section following. This is “Mature Discernment”. because one on one relational prayer ministry is usually confidential and not open to customary protocols.

> While discerning of spirit’s is probably the most open gift to the unseen, the gift discernment must be operated with proper wisdom. One must understand that the Father does not wound the wounded. He is in the business of healing and reconciliation.

When you are aware of a demoniac influence in a persons life, don’t presume that the person is demon possessed, rather that you are seeing the forces at work to undermine them, their family or ministry so that you can accurately pray.

b. The exercise of a word of knowledge also needs appropriate mentoring. While everyone seems to lay claim to this gift, very few operate it with any discernment what so ever. This gift needs oversight by others mature in the gift.

Some Characteristics of a Word of Knowledge operating in prayer.

1. When there is a physical condition, one may take on the same symptoms of the one they are praying for. This gives understanding how to prayer.

2. One may feel heat or a feeling of warm oil preceding from the hands to the individual.

3. While in prayer before hand one may see the face of the individual they will be praying for. This is to lift our faith, that the Spirit of God is going to move on behalf.

4. One may begin to feel deep emotion toward an individual while praying with them. pain, hurt, or other.
Sometime a sense of the Spirit of God’s love or mercy toward them.

5. When there is an issue of salvation, a generational curse, a tie with the occult or unforgiveness, you may feel darkness or a blockade.

6. During your prayer time there may be a special
awareness of the presence of God over a particular issue during the prayer time.

7. In a direct word of knowledge you may have an absurd thought. With a second piece of information tied to it..
The person will say what you were thinking. That is a first witness. Asking the individual about an affirmation of the second piece of information and an affirmative answer, may be a witness to proceed. Remember the Holy Spirit does not reveal one’s whole life, It is a word of knowledge. This word is given so that they can receive healing in the area that you are praying for.