The How To's of Prayer Ministry

3.> Description of the Key Leaders of a Prayer Ministry

It is important, in understanding a description of key prayer leadership the need for cohesive elements to accomplish a successful prayer strategy.

The Prayer Minister or Pastor

Bringing individuals together in any given location for any reason is no small task. Further committing them to two to three hours a month for a regular meeting seems a daunting project. Given schedules of working individuals and other family obligations, the obstacles to unifying individuals for prayer can seem overwhelming. Together with a lack of a motivated decisive individual in leadership giving preliminary direction or oversight to development and recruitment of prayer ministry can also slow the process even to a halt. Often, those having a vision for prayer in the local church are unrecognised. This gives credence to the fact that a prayer category seldom appears on the year end financial statement of the church expenditures. How to recognize a prayer visionary is the question we will address. These leaders often arise out of networking or prayer gatherings surrounding the prayer life in the church. Such as a early morning prayer meeting, regular prayer on campus activities, a special interest in prayer workshops, or an invitation to be part of a prayer task force. Such events involve cooperation between pastoral leadership who can observe the maturity and stability of a possible gifted individual over a period of time. Often, an individual is struck by an intensity of need to take a vision of prayer and further gather others for special concerns. The perceptual need to further empower this vision by the church leadership begins the overture toward the creation of a permanent prayer leader position. This individual's leadership and vision are affirmed by other leaders who recognize the need, which can lead to formally recognizing the gift and the maturity of this individual. It is hoped that this essay will serve as a catalyst for the emergence of such leaders in the local church. Also, regional prayer or renewal networks can be formed that will help churches "get started."