The How To's of Prayer Ministry

6.> Altar Team Ministry

Components Of Altar Team Ministry

The United States Army does not mess around trying to save pennies when training and outfitting a foot soldier. The fire power of the automatic assault rifle and the shower of literally hundreds of bullets fired within seconds is created to bring down it’s intended target or what ever is set in its sight. Yet in more tactical warfare, the necessity for single round precision takes preeminence. Altar prayer ministry is like tactical warfare, you only get one opportunity to hit your target. We may have a precision rifle in hand. The sight glass, and the ammunition, have all been crafted to complete their intended task and they are without flaw,
yet if one has poor eyesight or the viewfinder is out of focus, it does not matter how good the equipment is, a sure miss will occur every time. A skilled marksmen employs perception, instinct and a sharp eye. In prayer ministry these are acquired skills. If we miss the mark due to poor poor vision, the target will laugh at you in the face. More is required than a good prayer. A clear understanding to the unique need of the individual are part of the total recipe to hit the mark on behalf of those of whom we petitioning to be touched by the hand of the Father. The Father is more willing than we to infuse His healing. When one becomes skilled in this respect, it is no longer one’s blurred vision through the sight glass but the Father’s and He will hit the intended target every time.