The How To's of Prayer Ministry

6.7 Problems of Inconvenience

1. Many churches have different approaches. What ever that is, have a plan. Some have an aggressive approach to matters pertaining to deliverance some do not. One suggestion, when a demonic manifestation arise during the worship, take a non-aggressive approach, quietly praying over those in need of ministry, so as to allow the Holy Spirit to complete His work in them. When the need for ministry does arise because of distraction, an authorized standby team can set these individual apart for ministry.

2. When any member of the ministry or prayer team has a disagreement or an emergency arises, the team leader should be alerted immediately who will give appropriate counsel to the situation. Schedule a debriefing meeting afterward to set policy concerning any further similar happenstance. We must not become a reproach to Jesus, our Savior. We are His servants.