The How To's of Prayer Ministry

7.7 The Ministry Responsibility to all Parties Concerned

1. All complaints concerning individuals must be received with their full knowledge of and to the matter. This is the responsibility of the leadership to assure proper notification to those concerned. The mediation is not an open forum. Those present must be limited to involved parties.

2. When mediation pertains to a complaint towards another individual and the facts are ambiguous, incomplete, based on presumption; when those setting forth an accusation are unwilling to put to writing the specific events surrounding a complaint, the matter should be dropped until all the facts are discovered. Don't be duped into roads that led to offense, slander and further discord. Scriptural mediation is one individual to another.

3. Demeaning one’s character is precedence for probation or dismissal from ministry duties, both before and after the matter has been resolved.

4. When a complaint threatens the reputation of an individual, open exoneration is a must, Should any following item apply;
*When no wrong doing is proven beyond doubt;
*When testimony is based on presumption or the outcome of misunderstanding,
*When accusations pertain to non moral issues.