The How To's of Prayer Ministry

7.6 Legitimate Ministry Issues for Mediation

1. A clear definition concerning what conditions warrant policy mediation should be clearly defined. As a rule, legitimate issues for mediation are those that pertain to ministry procedures,

> when they fail to fulfill their function,
> when they fail to secure a safe environment for those in the work place or receiving ministry,
> when issues between individuals place the ministry or individuals at risk,
> when there is a refusal to abide by existing policy.

2. When legitimate mediation warrants a policy change, all ministry participants should be willing to abide by the outcome of that decision.

3. Person (s) authorized to decide the legitimacy of pending issues should be clearly identified.

4. When policy mediation becomes necessary, the issue must first be brought forth in writing. This document should include the specifics to be addressed. These issues may not be generalizations of any matter. Issues that are not submitted prior to mediation must be withheld from the mediation itinerary. Those directly involved should have ample time to prepare to address the specific issues in fairness before a mediator.

5. A specified time duration should be set to answer why the issue or policy in question will or will not be addressed. Thirty days is reasonable.