The How To's of Prayer Ministry

7.2 Good Communication Among Yourself and Key Prayer Leadership

1. Set a scheduled time to meet at least once a month.

2. Discuss how they should pray for you.

Use discretion when requesting prayer. There may be personal issues that should not be discussed openly.

3. A prayer leader must understand that they are set aside to direct prayer, for God’s change on your behalf. Intercession is not forcing the change. Intercession is placing trust in God for His change and transformation. The ministry of intercession is prayer, not to act as judge.

Footnote: Problems arise when an individual or group feel justified to override authorized limits of authority, then assert them self as the final authority in the matter. This occurs for a variety of reasons. Often some individuals feel strongly that they have heard from God, then bypass scriptural protocols to disrupt the order of business to force the change.

Footnote: Making Wiser Choices invovles good communication and that all invovled understand, 'Core Values.'

> Don’t place those in leadership that have there own agenda.
> Who practice being late.
> Don’t place those in authority whose focus in themself and have little interest in protecting the ministry.

> place those in authority whose genuine motivation is to use you as a stepping-stone for self promotion.

These individual often use leaders, and then when they recognize the opportunity for promotion, will either get you out of the way or turn on you.