The How To's of Prayer Ministry A Summary of Individual Professionalism

1. Do not place yourself knowingly into compromising situations,

2. Don't do things you know to be foolish.

3. Submit to one another, respect those in authority. Obey those who are in authority over you.

4. When trusted to handle money, do so in a manner above reproach. Don't use God’s money for your personal purposes.

5. Accountability

Practice integrity. Earn the trust and respect of those around you. Keep your word and carry out God's business in an orderly and timely manner. Identify those that can be trusted to seek counsel and pray for you.

6. Do not demean the character of others.

When one makes a mistake, there is no need to announce it. Don't jest about peoples shortcomings, nor openly announce your displeasure concerning their performance. Demeaning anyone openly for any purpose will not be tolerated.

7. Do not lie, People don't like it nor do they appreciate it.

8. And most of all, "Never give up".