The How To's of Prayer Ministry Ministry Professionalism

  1. Honor one another, remember love covers a multitude of sin.

    2. Cover one another, Look out for one another,

    Cover each other against accusation or ill will. We are God’s family. If we don't look out and love each other, no one else will either. Family members protects one another and warn them when problems are stirring. Guards their back from back lash. A family does not communicate damaging information to those who will destroy the family unit. When a problem arises, its family business. It does not go beyond the door or leave the family room.

    3. Watch out for one another.

    The scripture declares that we are in a war and that this war is in our midst. Some believe that if you are in the perfect will of God, that the enemy will not attack you. Well let’s consider this statement for a moment. Was God out of His will when lucifer rebelled against Him? I would say not, and so the enemy is always at work to destroy the work and family of God. So be alert. Pray for each other and keep your eyes open. As the scripture says, "be sober and be vigilant for your adversary the devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking to devour."

    4. Endeavor to keep the bond of unity.

    The word, "endeavor" implies that keeping unity will require some extra effort. The enemies primary plan is to divide the ranks. Once his goal is achieved, penetration, demoralization of the ranks and killing off the leadership will follow. This is not a game. We are in a war. Understand the meaning of DIVISION, The word means to divide the vision. So take a moment and consider what you are doing. Are your actions unifying the Body of Christ or is it set to destroy and divide the work of God? See James 3:14-17 Even good intentions can be the devils workshop.