Friends of Hispowerportal

Friends of Hispowerportal have the same vision to bring unity to the Body of Christ. They support us through prayer as well as by giving financially. The support of all friends of Hispowerportal is highly appreciated. "Much more prayer - This work needs to float on prayer, like a boat floats on water, so it can move in a certain direction." (J.S.) Thank you Friends.

This is a new program aimed at increasing prayer coverage for Hispowerportal, to raise financial support and to bring a belonging to the many friends who appreciate what God is doing through us.

The Emblem for Friends of Hispowerportal

Our Friends of Hispowerportal Partners have the right to display this emblem on their website or may include it into their email signature.
Hispowerportal is starting with January 23rd 2002 to invite you to become a Friend of Hispowerportal. Pray, Give and Let others know about us.
Support starts already with $25.
Here are the Friends of Hispowerportal:

We want to thank everybody , who has supported us, but wants to stay anonymous.
God bless you INDEED!

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