Hispowerportal Correspondents

Hispowerportal Correspondents can be anywhere in the world. They are people of God who are watching what God is doing in their city or elsewhere during travelling. These correspondents have committed to write at least once a quarter a report about what they see God doing in their local area. Be a correspondent and share what God is doing in your corner of the world!

The Emblem for Hispowerportal-Correspondents

Our Correspondents have the right to display this emblem on their website or may include it into their email signature.


Reports and articles from Hispowerportal Correspondents will be stored in the Online Archive, so that the signs, wonders, miracles, healings and revival events will tell a historically traceable story about our awesome Lord and Savior and the Creator of all. Hispowerportal Correspondents are registering in the Online Archive, which will archive all reports and articles.

Hispowerportal is starting with January 23rd 2002 to invite Correspondents to send in their reports about what God is doing around the world. Sign up and tell others about God's glory. Be a Correspondent and share with others - they will be encouraged by your personal testimony.